Saturday, November 8, 2008

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UnixServe Networks is an open hosting network entitled by Wilson Hernandez and the UnixServe Networks team to improve free, secure low priced hosting, such as Webhosting, Domain hosting, all through Virtual hosting and Mail hosting. A mostly free open hosting service that can not be found anywhere on the Internet these days. UnixServe Networks offers the most hosting space affordable plus free domain names ( small fee must be paid ) with your own e-mail domain as well. Open hosting with the one true operating system ( FreeBSD ), the power to serve a wide variety of generation on the internet of open hosting. UnixServe Networks offers unrivaled levels of services, posing itself high above any and all existing competitors.

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History of UnixServe Networks:

UnixServe Networks was orginated in the year 2002, the orginal name was HomeUnix with the domain name (using Dynamic DNS). The Founder of UnixServe Networks is Zack Folkerts a man honored and well respected by Wilson Hernandez CEO and owner of UnixServe Networks. UnixServe Networks started with just 7 systems in the low-end technology donated by Zack Folkerts and configured by Him. Zack Folkerts is not only a great inspiration to UnixServe Networks but is considered part of UnixServe Networks.

Now UnixServe Networks stand strong with 14 systems within the high-end technology, with better features and more services all thanks to Zack Folkerts once again. UnixServe Networks is back after a long 6yrs of being away due to issues between administrators, an issue that should of never but UnixServe Networks in the middle of it. UnixServe Networks is back and running Thanks once again to Zack Folkerts. He is Wilson Hernandez and UnixServe Networks Teacher and inspiration. Thank you Zack Folkerts. This is the true history of UnixServe Networks. More information on Zack Folkerts and his other projects are found @



Joining the UnixServe Networks Team:

Anyone who thinks they have what it takes to be a part of a group of dedicated computer enthusiasts are welome to apply for a position. Being a member of the official team gives you first options on all of the great benefits UnixServe has to offer. Unrestricted access to the system is the first of these benefits, as is being a part of a great team dedicated to creating the best projects.

The process to join is very simple. Submit a sampling of your work, be it code, graphics, tutorials, or anything else you think would qualify you as a member. The team will evaluate your work and respond to your application. We are only interested in serious members, willing to devote themselves to furthering the UnixServe community and its cause. Send all applications to with the subject line of "Joining the UnixServe Networks Team".